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Semiconductor Processing Equipment

Semiconductor process equipment is the backbone of modern electronics manufacturing, encompassing a range of specialized machinery and tools crucial for creating semiconductor devices. These devices power our digital world, from smartphones to computers and beyond.

Johanson offers a wide range of power capacitors and assemblies in both High-Q, standard NP0, and X7R products that are well-suited for semiconductor process equipment designers.

Johanson provides custom solutions that are optimized to meet unique design requirements.

semiconductor process equipment

Johanson Products and Services for Semiconductor Process Equipment Designers

The following products are made in North America.

EMI Filters

  • Small Single Chip Solution
  • Superior Attenuation
  • Balanced EMI Filtering
  • Excellent Solution for Common Mode Noise

High-Q Capacitors

High Voltage Capacitors

  • Safety Capacitors Available
  • DC Voltages from 500 through 6KV
  • Soft Polyterm available to reduce stress
  • Diverse case sizes, voltages and capacitance ranges

Power High-Q, and High Voltage Assemblies (Contact our engineers to discuss your specific needs)

  • NP0/COG Temperature Stability
  • Conformal quoting when required
  • Made with high temperature solder (melting point near 300°C)
  • Our engineers will work with you to optimize the design, evaluate trade-offs (dimensions, cost, voltage, power and more..)

Testing & Inspections

In-House Testing Capabilities
In addition to manufacturing, the Camarillo facility has a complete High Reliability department with in-house testing capabilities.

Comprehensive Mil-Standard Testing Groups A, B & C

Electrical & Mechanical Inspections

  • 100% Electrical Testing
  • Cap, DF, IR, DWV, Voltage Breakdown
  • 100% Visual Inspection (Mil 883 Class K or S Options)
  • Full Data on Serialized Units
  • Hot IR Testing
  • Temperature Capacitance Coefficient (TCC)
  • Temperature Voltage Coefficient (TVC)
Camarillo Facility image

Environmental Testing Factory machine image

Environmental Testing

  • Burn In / Voltage Conditioning
  • Life Testing
  • Class H, K or S Element Evaluation
  • HALT / HASS Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Resistance to Solder Heat
  • Shear Test / Bond Pull Test
  • Bend Testing
  • Steam Age
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Thermal Shock Testing
  • Shock / Vibration Testing
  • Wire Bond Testing

Analytical Testing

  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)
  • Radiographic Inspection
  • SEM Inspection
  • Solderability Testing
  • Acoustic Microscopy (Sonoscan) Inspection
  • XRF Analysis
Analytical Testing machine image

RF & Microwave Testing Expertise

  • Vector Network Analyzer Measurements
  • Resonant Line Measurements for ESR at Frequency

Simulation software and designer libraries.


  • NiSn Standard Termination
  • NiSnPb Option
  • CuSn Standard on large High-Q parts
  • CuSnPb Option
  • Ni barrier and 100% Sn finish RoHS compliant
  • Ni barrier and SnPb finish
  • Cu barrier and 100% Sn finish RoHS compliant
  • Cu barrier and SnPb finish


  • Microstrip Leads
  • J-Leads
  • Through-Hole Leads
  • Custom Lead Solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.
  • Multichip Assemblies designed to meet your specific requirements.

In addition, we offer a full complement of electrical and environmental testing.