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Johanson's quality engineering organization operates as an independent function and reports to the chairman. The structure is in line with modern quality principles, a vision, and support for quality. The utilization of advanced product/process quality planning (APQP) includes real-time statistical process control (SPC), design and process FMEAs with dynamic control plans, gauge R&R, and a web-based documentation system.

At Johanson, quality is not a department, it's a culture!


Customer Quality Engineering

The Customer Quality Engineering (CQE) function is deployed with total customer satisfaction principles. Customers are provided with rapid response times using an eight-discipline (8-D) problem solving and resolution method. Customer satisfaction is monitored with a zero-defect strategy, and on-time delivery is one of the KPIs.

Manufacturing Quality Engineering

Manufacturing Quality Engineering (MQE) functions are made up of diverse cross-functional engineering background talent. The focus is on process capability, optimization, and stability.

The following are used throughout the processes:

  • FMEA – Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • DFM – Design for Manufacturing
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • PPAP – Production Part Approval Process

Failure Analysis & Reliability

Failure Analysis and Reliability Engineering functions operate according to scientific methods. The team leading these functions comes from material science and other leading industry technical backgrounds. In-house capabilities include Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDX), also referred to as EDS or EDAX, is an X-ray technique used to identify the elemental composition of materials. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Destructive Physical Analysis, and Applications of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (C-SAM).

Reliability Engineering in-house testing capabilities:

HTOL, HASS, HALT, FITs, MTBF, MTTF Estimators, AEC-Q-200, Shock (mechanical), and Vibration.

Providing MIL screening including 100% burn-in and other leading industry testing.

  • HTOL – High Temperature Operating Life
  • HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screen
  • HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Test
  • FITs – Kristine still researching (to provide today)
  • MTBF Estimators – Mean Time Between Failures


Our in-house metrology department provides calibration services. Equipment capability analysis, statistical tools, and gauge R&R studies are part of the new equipment introduction. Advanced knowledge of calibrating metrology instruments and equipment to ensure compliance with NIST including ISO/IEC 17025. An online calibration and maintenance database system is in place for tracking, preventive maintenance, and on-time calibration.

Supplier Quality Engineering

At Johanson suppliers plays vital role in our success and are considered as partners. For more details refer to our supplier quality manual.

Environmental Management System

Johanson is committed to the prevention of pollution by complying with all local, state, and federal environmental pollution regulations, legal requirements, and obligations; developing environmental objectives by evaluating production activities; and continually improving the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance through periodic review of objectives and targets.

Testing and Reliability Capabilities

We pride ourselves on delivering quality in every product and service. View our list of testing and reliability capabilities.