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LICC capacitors are specially designed to exhibit lower inductance by altering the aspect ratio of the terminations. The smaller current loop length results in Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) that is typically 60% lower then standard MLCs of the same size. This ESL improvement is extremely advantageous in the high frequency power decoupling of high speed digital MPU, FPGA, DSP, etc..
Low Inductance chip capacitor (LICC)


  • Low Inductance
  • High Series Resonant Frequency
  • Sn-Pb and Polyterm® Termination Options
  • Surface Mount
  • Small Size
  • RoHS Compliant
Standard MLCC vs. Low Inductance chip capacitor (LICC) termination orientation
Low Inductance Chip Capacitor (LICC) Impedance vs. Frequency Chart.png
Case SizeAvailable Capacitance
B14 0306 0816X7R 25V 25V25V 16V 6.3V     
X5R       10V 10V 6.3V 6.3V 6.3V    
B15 0508 1220X7R50V50V 25V 25V 16V 6.3V 6.3V   
X5R           10V 10V 6.3V    
B18 0612 1632X7R 50V 50V 50V 50V 25V 16V 6.3V   
X5R             10V 10V 6.3V 6.3V
How to Order Low Inductance Chip Capacitor (LICC)