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Johanson’s high temperature MLCC series exhibit stable performance across an extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +200°C. Both Class I and Class II parts are available with DC voltage ratings of 50,100 and 200V satisfying a wide range of demanding applications.
High Temperature Surface Mount MLCCs 200°C High Temperature Surface Mount Schematic


  • Stable 200°C Operation
  • Compact SMD Chip
  • Polyterm® Termination Option
  • Sn-Pb Termination Option


  • Deep Hole Drilling Electronics
  • High Temperature Modules
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Avionics

Mechanical Characteristics

High Temperature Mechanical Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

OPERATING RANGE:-55 to +200°C-55 to +200°C
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT:0±30ppm/°C (-55to+125°C)0±15% (-55to+125°C)
200°C CAP. DROP:-0.5% max.-45% max.
DISSIPATION FACTOR:0.001 (0.1%) max. 0.020 (2.0%) max.
AGING RATE:None<1.0% per decade
INSULATION RESISTANCE:25°C IR >100GΩ or 1000ΩF (whichever 200°C IR >1ΩF or 100MΩ is less)
OPERATING RANGE:2.5 X WVDC for ratings ≤ 200 VDC
1.5 X WVDC for ratings 201-500 VDC
OPERATING RANGE:C > 100 pF; 1kHz ±50Hz; 1.0±0.2 VRMS
C ≤ 100 pF; 1Mhz ±50kHz; 1.0±0.2 VRMS
High Temperature Capacitance vs Temperature chart
How to Order

Valid options are shown except for Capacitance
A typical PN is HUCP500W103K1GP001B. This part number breaks down as follows:

Capacitors High-Temp Chips 200°, 0603, X7R, 50V, 0.01µF±10%, Pd/Ag (RoHS), Bulk

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